Beer Tasting in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Breweries 

Tasting of beer can be rewarding, especially when dealing with new brands or styles of beer. At Santa Barbara Breweries, you will learn how to evaluate and understand the features of various beers that are produced in the ancient German spirit “Reinheitsgebot”.

Beer tasting can change your mind on what you formally considered as your favorite brands hence ideal for team-building events, birthday celebrations or bachelor parties. There are numerous ways of enjoying beer and while you spend your time for the actual tasting, you open doors for different types of enjoyment. Beers are commonly crafted for drinkability purposes yet they will normally have a complexity of flavors that are only available to interested individuals who are ready to enjoy the real taste experience.

Tips While Beer Tasting:

1. Beer tasting should not be carried out while taking food or immediately after eating. The lingering flavors in food can highly influence the sense of the brew.

2. Cleansing the palate with water is recommendable to avoid affecting the original flavors of the beer. Cheese and crackers can be used but they may end up affecting the original flavors of the beer.

3. When tasting several beers, use color as the guide. It is recommendable to start with light colors to dark ones.

The more you engage with your favorite drink, the more your life gets enriched. Similar with other foods, when you give more concentration to the beers of your choice, the more you comprehend the best flavors and styles of your preference.

Beer tasting will help you to continue exploring the opportunity hence offering you a chance to begin appreciating the complexity of your new flavors. Although color and clarity are not the only indications to search for beer quality, the look of any beer is originally crafted to form the integral part of your drinking experience. Stylistically, there is much differentiation on “correctness” from one beer to another.

For more information concerning style specific beer issues, you need to consult the Pure Order Brewing Santa Barbara.

Pure Order Brewing Company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA. It’s location serves as the main brewery and also hosts a tasting room with a side patio overlooking the hop yard.

Pure Order Brewing Company

410 N. Quarantina St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Friday: 3 PM – 7 PM
Saturday-Sunday: Noon – 7 PM