Beer Tasting Santa Barbara

Tasting of beer can be much rewarding especially when dealing with new brands or styles of beer. At Santa Barbara Breweries, you will learn how to evaluate and understand the features of various beers that are produced in the ancient German spirit “Reinheitsgebot”. Beer tasting can change your mind on what you formally considered as your favourite brands hence ideal for team-building events, birthday celebrations or bachelor parties. Following are seven major steps on how you need to conduct beer tasting:

Pouring the Beer

Pour the beer gently on the side of the glass and judge the pour speed according to the forming head. Aim to have an average of two finger head before you finish. Some beers have visible yeasts at the lower part of the bottle that should be taken with the beer. For such cases, terminate the pour with some beer left in the bottle. Swirl the residue liquid bringing the yeast sediment up before pouring it into the glass.


Assess whether the head is thin or dense. Sometimes heads are termed as rocky if they are dense after the formation of peaks & dips and popping of bubbles. Note the colour of the head that may turn into light or medium brown depending on the content. Evaluate the look of the beer itself as you hold the glass up to the light viewing whether the colour is cloudy or clear.


Light coloured beers tend to smell more of hops whereby darker beers have the smell of pronounced malt, chocolate, roasted or coffee aroma. As you concentrate with the aroma, take approximately three good sniffs before taking your first sip.

First Sip

When taking your initial sip, try and note the first sensation immediately the beer pours into your mouth. The taste might be sweet, bitter or something different. There can be a bit of variation between the initial taste and the final one.


It is the beer texture on how it physically feels in your mouth. The beer may have dry stouts, thick & chewy Scotch ales or thin & fizzy Berliner weisses.


It is important to note the lingering flavour after swallowing the drink. The flavour can be lingering malty sweetness or bitter from the hops. Try to write down your experiences in the first drink. After taking the second drink compare and contrast to see whether there is any difference and then make your conclusion.


Stylistically, there is much differentiation on “correctness” from one beer to another. For more information concerning style specific issues, you need to consult the Pure Order Brewing Santa Barbara.

1. Beer tasting should not be conducted while taking food or immediately after eating.

2. Cleanse the palate with water to avoiding affecting the original beer flavors.

3. When tasting several beers, use color as the guide - from light to dark.