Behind the Scenes at the 6th Annual Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival

This past weekend marked the 6th annual Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival, an event that showcased local and regional experts on the history, benefits and preparation of fermented foods. Not only was the festival a great way for people to taste different local beers with over 8 breweries, multiple bars and restaurants serving specialty drinks, high alcohol kombucha and shrub, it also helped raise money to support our local FoodBank of Santa Barbara County.

Beer Stolen from Atlantas SweetWater Brewing Co.

Early Tuesday sunrise dual trailers containing 3272 cases (78,528 bottles) of drink were stolen from SweetWater Brewing Co.s brewery upon Ottley Drive NE in Atlanta. The brewery says the burglary could be quite bad headlines for drink lovers in its home market.At the time of the theft, the dual trailers had been left out for sunrise pickups. While the trailers have been located via GPS, both were dull when they were found.The really bad headlines is we were already having difficulty gripping the Variety Pack as well as Goin Coastal upon shelves cuz they were selling like hotcakes, the brewery explained upon amicable media. And this was basically the complete inventory in Atlanta, so we might not see it upon shelves for the minute.The first trailer contained cases of summer accumulation packs that remained unsorted as well as was intended to go to the brewerys repack location. The brewery is asking for customers as well as retailers to be upon the surveillance for SweetWater Summer Variety Packs containing just one style of beer.The beers in these unsorted accumulation packs included 420, IPA, Take Two Pils, as well as the brewerys new Goin Coastal IPA. Theyre noted with possibly the 9/20 or 9/21 best if enjoyed by date. The second trailer was full of ready-for-market (sorted) Summer Variety packs.How You Can HelpIf we find any of these unsorted SweetWater Summer Variety packs, or any Summer Variety packs with the death date of 9/20 or 9/21 in uncanny places, please rapt the brewery by emailing or calling 404.691.ALES. If youre the tradesman as well as someone alternative than SweetWaters unchanging distributor is attempting to sell we beer, contact 911 as well as reference the case.We need your assistance tracking down stolen brews! Call us at (404) 691-2537 or email SweetWater Brewery (@sweetwaterbrew) June 21, 2016

What Speciality Beers Mean For a Brewerys Brand

This many we know: In a country where approximately dual brand brand new small as good as independent breweries open a day, brewers need to stand out from a competition. The desire has led us to an attention of diversification where breweries take their brands over beer, diving in to an expanded spin-off of endeavors which embody on-site lodging, magazines, restaurants as good as eventuality companies.All of these concepts have been great components to code building, which is without question a many critical aspect of business development. But lets get real. While reaching business in a variety of ways is a great thing, when it comes to breweries, a code better start, as good as end, with beer.The grandfathers of qualification drink had it easy this way. They put some-more love in to their creations than Big Beer, as good as consumers could discuss it a difference right away. But todays crowded attention is a whole opposite round game, as good as entry-level brewers have a preference which leads to a conundrum. With so many foe in a staple qualification styles of IPA as good as pale ale, would it be better to specialize in speciality beers? Would a portfolio of small-batch niche beers bring some-more attention, as good as in conclusion some-more business?This is where a realities of distribution, as good as what placement equates to for your bottom line, comes in to play.More Work for DistributorsIf we have been a brewery thats focused upon staying local, we can go ahead as good as do crazy shit [like concentration upon limited releases as good as one-offs], said Dale Katechis, founder of Oskar Blues Brewery. But, if youre seeking to end up with clever placement upon a national scale, we have to do a hard work to emanate sustainability for your distributors.If anyone understands a ethereal needs of nurturing a strong, nationally-distributed qualification drink brand, its Katechis. As of this year, we can find Oskar Blues in all 50 states. He says brewers work to set upon a balance in between a drink they want to have as good as a drink distributors can put in stores which have been many expected to be purchased.You have to have them money every day, not only when a brand brand new drink comes out, Katechis explains. When we earn shelf space, it has to be consistently there as good as turning as good as making retailers money.Although retailers fill many of their shelf space with year-round staples, they definitely have a demand for featured item beers, said Chuck Salzman, vice president of Peerless Beverage Co. But he added which he typically looks to breweries he already has a clever attribute with to yield his retailers those featured item beers they need.The Building Blocks of a BrandKatechis thinks which featured item beers should be something which comes in a second wave of brewing, not as a office building blocks of your brand. It should be a siding upon a residence rather than a foundation. For Oskar Blues, Dales Pale Ale is a bedrock upon which a business is built, as good as featured item beers have been icing upon a cake a treat for business as good as an inducement for distributors.Specialty beers have been a reward for people who have been offering a core beers, Katechis said. If we want access to Death By Coconut, we have to have a great attribute with us, one thats ongoing. For us, thats been a great strategy for consistent, strong, tolerable growth.Some breweries have finished specialization intensely good upon a internal level. Black Shirt Brewing Co. in Denver, for example, brews all red beers. But those who go down this highway must do so meticulously. Without a clever concentration directly related to a brand, your chances during placement will take a toll.Salzman, while honest about a prerequisite for core drink brands, offering a ray of hope for those hell-bent upon swimming upstream.Certainly a year-round staple is a way to go to market, as good as a majority [of a beers we carry] have been going to be year-round staples. But by which same token we need a featured item beers. And thats a thing with entrance out with a brand brand new wacky specialty, Salzman said. Who knows if which doesnt become a brand brand new norm?

6 Vegan-Friendly Brewpubs

So mostly the brewerys food menu is installed with beef burgers, duck wings, cheese trays as well as an array of bacon-fueled dishes. These meat-filled menus can leave the vegan drink lovers feeling the bit left out.Fortunately, lots Americas small as well as independent craft breweries are paying attention to patrons who have dietary restrictions (by choice or otherwise).Here are seven breweries where the dairy- as well as meat-free friends can rejoice.Dont forget to double check with your server if youre not sure if the drink is vegan-friendly.Bridgeport BrewingPig Minds Brewing | Machesney Park, ILPig Minds menu isnt vegan-friendly, its vegan-dominated with an entirely meat-free menu. Youll find all your typical pub grub sans the dairy, eggs or meat, similar to Krab cakes, wingz, poutine, as well as nachos to flog things off. From there, you can opt for tacos, wraps or sandwiches, together with their housemade black bean burger topped with the chipotle aioli as well as served with fries, coleslaw, mac as well as cheese or another vegan side.Ottos Pub as well as Brewery | State College, PAOttos Pub as well as Brewery has copiousness of vegan options, such as chili done with their beer, drink pretzels served with sweet prohibited mustard as well as crispy tofu wings served with mango habanero sauce. Their vegan burger is done with cashews, vegan bacon as well as beans, as well as its topped with an Asian cabbage slaw as well as tahini spread.Yak & Yeti Restaurant & Brewpub | Arvada, COTo go along with Yak & Yetis GABF-winning Himalayan IPA, the light-colored Jalapeo Lena as well as their smooth Sherpa Porter, youll find the dainty menu filled with authentic Indian, Nepalese as well as Tibetan cuisine. Most of their vegetarian entrees can be done vegan upon request, such as the Chana Masala, chickpeas cooked in the tangy tomato, onion, as well as scallion curry sauce. Tonight you feasted similar to queens Love the good Nepalese platter from my prime grill in Bath. Finding the lot of cool places, so looking forward to hang up something upon the blog subsequent week A print posted by Fab Giovanetti (@fabgiovanetti) upon August 29, 2014 during 4:35pm PDTBridgeport Brewing | Portland, ORBridgeports three bean chili is topped with the vegan cilantro sour cream thats done with cashews. For the categorical course, try the cheeseburger done with smoked tofu as well as vegan chia cheese or the robust bowl with quinoa, black beans, grilled tofu, edamame, red peppers as well as spicy cashew sauce.Revolution Brewing | ChicagoKick off your weekend with brunch during Revolution with the vegan Sofrito Burrito pressed with sofrito tofu, poblano pepper, salsa verde, avocado, black bean, spinach, potato as well as onion. Lunch as well as cooking equipment additionally have the vegan option, together with the curry vegetable hang upon housemade pita as well as raviolo filled with fungus as well as caramelized onion with cherry tomatoes, asparagus as well as swiss chard. Heavenly cooking #vegan #mushroomravioliA print posted by Valerie Obando (@valerieobando) upon June 1, 2016 during 6:34pm PDTThe Mitten Brewing Co. | Grand Rapids, MIWhen visiting Mitten Brewing, start things off with their house done red peppers hummus served with comfortable flatbread which has been brushed with hop salt or the classical bruschetta. All of their specialty pizzas, together with the Hawaiian, Chipotle Barbecue or Thai Cobb, can be done vegan. Feeling creative? Make your own with veggies as well as the variety of meat- as well as dairy-free substitute toppings cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, chicken, chorizo all vegan.

MIA Beer Co. Mourns Death of Brewer Piero Rodriguez

MIA Beer Co. in Doral, Florida, is mourning a detriment of brewer Piero Rodriguez, who they call an irreplaceable member of their village as well as brewery.Rodriguez was killed in a car accident over a weekend.We have all been very blessed to know Piero, a brewery writes upon Facebook. He was a loving person as well as free spirit which always made a best of every impulse with his spreading grin as well as certain attitude. There will never be another. We'll never dont think about which smile, which energy.A photo posted by Boxelder Craft Beer Market (@boxeldermiami) upon Jun 19, 2016 at 2:38pm PDTAs a brewery as well as village work to find strength in this time of sorrow, MIA will remain closed. Their focus will be to find a way to honor as well as applaud Pieros life as well as set up a fund to assistance his son who has been left but a father.This tragedy is a stark sign which life is fragile, precious as well as which our village no village is defence to theperils of life. On interest of as well as a Brewers Association, wed similar to to send sincere condolences to Pieros family, friends as well as a craft brewing village for which he touched.Please keep MIA Beer Co. in your thoughts as well as follow their Facebook for an refurbish upon how to help.

AleSmith Brewing to Distribute Beers Throughout Michigan

Californias top-rated brewery partnering with Imperial Beverage as well as Powers Distributing to offer a award-winning family of beers via The Great Lakes StateSan Diego, California (June 16, 2016) Southern Californias AleSmith Brewing Company is gratified to make known a pair of new partnerships with Kalamazoo-based Imperial Beverage as well as Orion Charter Townships Powers Distributing to launch sale of a critically acclaimed beers via Michigan. Within a next month, AleSmiths different pick up of ales will be available in 50 counties via The Wolverine State, a step made possible by a brewerys new expansion in to a 105,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art brewing trickery capable of producing sufficient drink to supply territories it has heretofore been unable to service.While there is no necessity of new beers being sold in Michigan in new years, it is still a singular as well as sparkling occurrence when a world-renowned brewery with over dual decades of experience as well as story decides to come to a state, says Imperial Beverage code manager, Brice Dowling. Few brewers can compare AleSmiths track-record in producing consistently extraordinary beers, as a accolades over a past 20 years have proven. Now, you have been thrilled to present this rich story of liquid value to a customers as well as beer-lovers across Michigan.There have been sparkling things happening upon a craft-beer front all via Michigan. Weve known for a prolonged time which a someplace a beers need to be as well as you have been gay to be able to make them a partial of a equation for beer-enthusiasts via a state, says AleSmith director of inhabitant sales James Valles. Were overjoyed over a new holds weve shaped with Imperial Beverage as well as Powers Distributing to cover a majority of this expanded state, as well as have been sure they will defend a beliefs of quality, mutation as well as customer-service.AleSmith is a fantastic brewery which you have been looking out for years, says Powers Distributing co-president Robert Powers. We cant wait for for consumers in Oakland as well as Macomb counties to find their award-winning beers.Beer-fans can demeanour brazen to a attainment of core six-pack offerings such as AleSmith IPA, AleSmith Nut Brown as well as AleSmith Lil Devil Belgian-style Pale Ale. Numerous other year-round, specialty as well as anniversary beers will also make their way to Michigan upon a regular basis, beginning with spring-summer release AleSmith Double IPA, a quartet of high-gravity beers comprising a 2016 Vintage Seriesincluding AleSmith Decadence Ale, an imperial California common ale debuting in July in celebration of a companys 21st anniversaryand variations of a world-renowned, coffee-infused AleSmith Speedway Stout. For some-more report upon AleSmith as well as a line of beers, deliberate a central website, ALESMITH BREWING COMPANY: Forged in 1995, AleSmith has been famous by consumers as well as critics comparison as one of a worlds inaugural craft brewing companies during a back of accolades which include medals won during prestigious inhabitant as well as general drink competitions as well as being named Small Brewing Company of a Year during a Great American Beer Festival. AleSmith is upon a verge of celebrating a 21st year in commercial operation as well as recently expanded, relocating in to a 105,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art brewery featuring a new 80-barrel brewing complement which will allow a association to increase a production ten-fold. The expansion also included building a whole of a largest brewery tasting room upon a West Coast (25,000 square feet) with an outdoor drink grassed area which will shortly be assimilated by a second-story indoor-outdoor mezzanine, in isolation rooms as well as a museum dedicated to San Diego Padres fable Tony Gwynn. AleSmiths line of acclaimed beers, which includes Speedway Stout, IPA, Nut Brown Ale, X Extra Pale Ale as well as Old Numbskull Barley Wine, is distributed in 23 U.S. states as well as five countries. The companys social media channels include Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram (@AleSmithBrewing), as well as a central website URL is IMPERIAL BEVERAGE: Imperial Beverage is a long-standing member of a Michigan beverage-distribution community. Established in 1933 after a repeal of Prohibition as well as purchased by Kalamazoos Cekola family in 1984, Imperial has grown from a one-county drink distributor to a top-ten statewide drink as well as wine wholesaler. With 315 employees as well as three locations in Kalamazoo, Livonia as well as Traverse City, Imperial provides statewide coverage which serves each Michigan county, each week, all year long. Our associating staff works with a customers to fulfill a passion statement Helping people succeed, by building distinction as well as identity in their restaurants as well as sell locations by a selection of craft beers, fine wines, ciders, sodas as well as mixers from a different portfolio. For some-more report upon Imperial, deliberate a website POWERS DISTRIBUTING: Powers Distributing was proposed in 1939, as well as is now owned as well as operated by Robert as well as Gerald Powers. Powers Distributing is located in Orion, Michigan as well as services Oakland as well as Macomb counties. The association now has some-more than 250 employees managing 43 different retailer relationships. Powers Distributing was named Craft Beer Distributor of a Year in 2011 by a National Beer Wholesalers Association/Brewers Association as well as a 2014 Beer Wholesaler of a Year by Beverage World Magazine. For some-more report about Powers Distributing, greatfully visit Contact Info Company: AleSmith Brewing Co.Contact: Brandon HernndezE-mail:

Alaskas Wild Beer Culture

The prevailing idea is which a wild beauty of Alaska turns sharply in to a empty solitude come winter. Daylight is sparse with temperatures dropping next what most would cruise comfortable.Theres a gob of law in all this. Yes, interjection to a position upon a globe as well as a approach a Earth rotates around a sun, Alaska does experience passing daylight come January, as well as of march it does get a bit colder. But thats where renouned notice leaves reality given Alaska is neither empty nor a solitude in a winter. Those landscapes which can bring a rip to a burliest of hardened lumberjacks are still out there. The really essence of what creates Alaska a own universe still exists.In many respects, Alaska thrives in a winter. One such e.g. is Anchorages Great Alaska Beer as well as Barleywine legal holiday in January, which is a states premier qualification drink festival.Bitten By a Craft Beer BugI came in to Anchorage with a integrate of days to spare prior to a legal holiday itself, allowing me ample time to do what Alaskans do in a winter, similar to go fat tire cycling upon a solidified river, snowshoeing during a nearby Alyeska Resort, and, of course, sample internal brews after earning a calories in a outdoors. In all, there are 27 qualification breweries in Alaska. That competence receptive to advice medium during initial for an entire state. After all, Alaska could swallow Texas as well as have room for dessert. But a state isnt all which crowded. Far from. Looking during it in those terms, Alaska actually ranks eighthin breweries per capita in a U.S.Truth is, brewing has been during a really core of Alaska given American settlers initial proposed roving to a former domain something Bill Howell knows a thing or dual about. Howell is an Alaskan medical operation as well as writer of multiform books which demeanour during a story of drink in assorted corners of a state. He initial came in 1996 as well as admits he fell in adore with a place. After vital in London, Hawaii, Florida, as well as Virginia throughout his 20-year career in a Navy, he decided Alaska was where he was starting to retire.By a time Alaska came around, Howell had already been bitten by a qualification drink bug as well as homebrewing given 1989. When he relocated to a Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage (150 miles by road, 40 as a bluster flies), he proposed to take a stronger seductiveness in a internal qualification drink stage as well as in a future proposed his own blog, Drinking upon The Last Frontier.The blog snowballed in to a monthly column in a paper as well as a gig as a Alaskan correspondent for Northwest Brewing News. Naturally, a increasing bearing as well as courtesy upon Alaskan drink led to an onslaught of emails from readers seeking for recommendations upon qualification beer.After a fifth or sixth email we said, screw which as well as wrote a book, Howell says.Howell can rattle through Alaskan drink story similar to Bruce Springsteen singing Born To Run. Whats perhaps most interesting is a purpose brewing played in a territorys early years.Brewing was vicious in a first of Alaska, Howell explains. Between about 1880 as well as 1918, breweries were one of a primary mainstays of towns. The fun is, as well as a usually partially a joke, you knew a place was starting to be a locale as well as not only a trading post when a 3 Bs moved in to town: a bakery, a brewery as well as a brothel.By Howells math, there were 34 different breweries in fifteen different Alaskan towns in between 1880 as well as 1918 when prohibition came to Alaska (earlier than a rest of a country). Today, however, qualification drink is again a undoubted force in a state.PrideDenali Brewing Co. as well as Baranof Island Brewing Co.are only dual examples of Alaskan breweries enjoying a qualification drink boom thats firmly settled itself in to a state.Were super proud to be concerned in a qualification drink stage in Alaska, says Sassan Mossanen, first partner as well as General Manager during Denali Brewing Co. We [brewers in Alaska] lend towards to make, due to our climate, some-more robust, dainty beers than what youll find in alternative places. Sometimes they follow with some higher ABVs. ..samples during Denali's tasting room. They state which their Twister Creek IPA (6.7%/71 IBU) is a #1 sole IPA in Alaska! ..a highlight. The farmhouse Saison 'I'll Have Another' (5.1%) in partnership with Midnight Sun out of Ankorage was another. They additionally have a restaurant upon a categorical drag inTalkeetna. Solid find up north 1.8 miles off route 3. #denalibrewing #craftbeerA photo posted by @hopsboston upon June 28, 2015 during 10:42pm PDTMossanens excitement is transparent in his voice as he continues, noting his honour to be part of a innovative, unique brews entrance out of Alaska. Rick Armstrong, president as well as owner during Baranof Island Brewing Co. as well as president of a Brewers Guild of Alaska, lavishes similar praise over a states brewing scene, noting a state brewed approximately 200,000 barrels in 2014 a substantial number deliberation a population. And a breweries similar to Armstrongs as well as Mossanens which continue to grow, interjection to a boom as well as one after an additional seductiveness in drinking local.After starting a brewery in 2009 in downtown Talkeetna, Mossanen saw solid enlargement which fitting building an additional brewing trickery with a 30-barrel system.Its only been fast as well as furious, he says. Weve had five expansions in four years. Were really fortunate which were creation drink in a community as well as place so supportive of us.Armstrong launched Baranof Island Brewing Co. before long after Denali in 2010. Calling it a garage hobby left wild which proposed upon a half-barrel system, Armstrong notes similar enlargement over a years as well as he continues to eye new opportunities.Now we hope to get it up to a 30-barrel brewhouse. #baranofislandbrewingA photo posted by Tyson Truex (@tystonedouttahismind) upon Jan 6, 2015 during 12:59am PSTHes additionally excited about working hand-in-hand with state lawmakers upon scrapping outdated ethanol laws as well as rewriting a book, which of march creates for an especially interesting time in Alaskan brewing.Great AlaskaAll things drink in Alaska come to a head during a annual Great Alaska Beer as well as Barleywine Festival in Anchorage. Before streamer over, we made a stop during a Glacier Brewhouse only down a street from a festival. At aquick glance, it appeared to be one of a larger brewhouses as well as restaurants Ive ever seen. Besides a beer, their recognition could additionally be attributed to their longevity. Glacier Brewhouse was established in 1996 when qualification drink was only removing a footing in a United States.Most everybody dining which night had alternative plans after dinner. Like me, they were streamer down to a William A. Egan Convention Center to suffer a fruits of a states brewing labor. Indeed, it was a celebration of all things Alaskan drink with Alaskans crowding in to their statewide section of a festival. Sure, there were a number of guest breweries around, though a disproportion was stark. Lets only contend there was a bit some-more walking room in a out-of-state corner as well as fewer group dressed in lederhosen.For Howell, scenes similar to which of a Great Alaska Beer as well as Barleywine Festival with locals as well as transplants alike ancillary as well as spending income upon an Alaskan product is an additional indicate of pride.People come up here as well as make their fortune then leave. Thats a states history, he says, alluding to a gold rush. So a good thing about a growing brewing industry here is which a a value-added product. We can consume it ourselves as well as have income come a alternative approach for a change.

Russian River Brewing Co. Officially Expanding with New Brewery

Russian River Brewing's Vinnie as well as as well as Natalie Cilurzo signing upon the brand brand brand brand new property for their brand brand brand brand new brewery.After years of searching, Russian River Brewing Co.has comparison as well as sealed escrow upon the brand brand brand brand new property to allow expansion. The brand brand brand brand new brewery will be built upon the 15-acre tract of land in southern Windsor, California, increasing the companys production capacity to 50,000 barrels, as compared to acombined bid of 16,000 barrels in between their dual stream breweries.The Windsor brewery will take us to 25,000-30,000 barrels initially with the ability to grow organically as you similar to to do, explains co-owner Natalie Cilurzo. This will allow us more flexibility with taking upon the little brand brand brand brand new accounts as well as markets in California as well as providing more beer to the stream wholesalers as well as their customers.The brand brand brand brand new place will embody the larger brewpub with lots of outside seating, together with the pet-friendly area, the brand brand brand brand new food menu as well as free as well as plenty parking.The final straw in creation this preference was saying how incredibly bustling the brewpub has become. [Its] Uncomfortably bustling at times, explained Cilurzo. We dont love saying the prolonged lines out the doorway each weekend. And it is the bummer running in to aged business around town who just cant get in anymore. So nothing will shift at the Santa Rosa pub, alternative than you goal to relieve the little pressure as well as see the little of the aged business come back!The brand brand brand brand new Windsor place will chaperon in most alternative great features together with the tasting room for you to make discerning purchases to-go, guided as well as self-guided brewery tours as well as what owners call the real gift shop.Russian River Brewing Co. skeleton to mangle belligerent open 2017 with completion aimed for summer 2018.