What to Watch: Prepped and Portioned Meals from The Pioneer Woman and the Premiere of Food Network Star

Star castThis weekend is all about getting ready for summertime fun with easy meal-prep ideas from The Pioneer Woman, potluck recipes from Nancy Fuller as well as cruise ideas from the co-hosts of The Kitchen. First up upon Saturday morning is Ree Drummonds get-ahead dish kits, including the sharp veggie stir-fry as well as stuffed bell peppers. After that, Nancy is hosting the potluck celebration with her friends as well as cooking some catering classics like peppery Parmesan orzo as well as cinnamon-and-sugar hand pies. Next, The Kitchen co-hosts have been creation amped-up cookout favorites like sharp kielbasa dogs as well as divulgence the most appropriate tips for setting up the picnic.

On Sunday morning, Jeff Mauro as well as Marcela Valladolid have been tackling the great baked sweat bread vs. pie debate as well as providing recipes for the perfect pie membrane as well as foolproof frosting. And upon Sunday night, the final 5 Comeback Kitchen chefs will battle for the spot upon Food Network Star. After that, the cook who won redemption will be revealed upon the season premiere of Food Network Star. To end the night, Alton Browns got the special barbecuing part of Cutthroat Kitchen with all-new sabotages.

The Pioneer Woman: Kit as well as Caboodle

Ree Drummonds knocking out 4 fanciful get-ahead dish kits, portioned, prepped as well as ready to go! For delicious, timesaving dinners, she prepares BBQ Chicken Pizza with Spicy Slaw, the Spicy Veggie Stir-Fry, the Spinach Alfredo Pasta Bake as well as Stuffed Bell Peppers.

Saturday 10a|9c

Farmhouse Rules: Potluck Party

Nancy Fuller is hosting the potluck celebration with the couple of of her tighten friends as well as creation the garland of her catering classics, including Honey-Braised Leg of Lamb with Carrots as well as Fennel, Peppery Parmesan Orzo, as well as Rustic Cinnamon as well as Sugar Hand Pies with Raspberry-Cream Cheese Filling. Shes also invited fellow caterer as well as foodie Kardea Brown, who makes an Okra Soup with Shrimp.

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

The Kitchen: Americana

Its time to celebrate Americas favorite pastime with Jeff Mauros Sonoran-Style Hot Dog as well as Geoffrey Zakarians Spicy Kielbasa Dog with Stout Onions. Katie Lee makes Crab Hush Puppies, afterwards former MLB player Sean Casey shares the most appropriate stadium food as well as helps Sunny Anderson with Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken as well as Waffles. Learn which collection make ripened offspring salad prep simpler as well as get new ways to set up the cruise like the pro.

Saturday 11a|10c

The Kitchen Sink: The Great Debate Cake vs. Pie

Jeff Mauro as well as Marcela Valladolid have been rebuilt to tackle an age-old debate: baked sweat bread or pie? Lazarus Lynch joins them to get the dip upon which is everyones favorite. Then, sense ways to master the most appropriate of both with tips for the perfect pie crust, foolproof frosting ideas as well as mashups that celebrate the tastiest tools of each.

Sunday 12|11c

Comeback Kitchen: A Final Shot at Stardom

The final 5 Food Network Star alumni battle it out for the desired spot in Season 12. A surprise elimination occurs after the initial challenge, where the competitors must control the fast-paced live webstream. Then, for the final challenge, the vigour is turned up further when they must work together to put upon the 20-minute live show in front of the studio audience.

Sunday 8|7c

Food Network Star: Cinematic Debut!

The finalists shoot 30-second screen tests to explain what they have been all about, which have been afterwards screened at the VIP event in Los Angeles in front of the Hollywood crowd. Mentors Giada De Laurentiis as well as Bobby Flay surprise the finalists when an separated contestant from the previous season also joins the competition. Then, Valerie Bertinelli as well as Tyler Florence help decide who will be the initial to be sent home.

Sunday 9|8c

Cutthroat Kitchen: License to Grill

In this special barbecuing episode, two chefs have to hold grill grates for each other as they make hamburgers. Then, two chefs have been strapped together in the ultimate barbecuing apron as they make the grilled chicken dinner. Finally, one cook has to make the grilled dessert upon top of the bouncing trampoline.

Sunday 10|9c