Russian River Brewing Co. Officially Expanding with New Brewery

Russian River Brewing's Vinnie as well as as well as Natalie Cilurzo signing upon the brand brand brand brand new property for their brand brand brand brand new brewery.After years of searching, Russian River Brewing Co.has comparison as well as sealed escrow upon the brand brand brand brand new property to allow expansion. The brand brand brand brand new brewery will be built upon the 15-acre tract of land in southern Windsor, California, increasing the companys production capacity to 50,000 barrels, as compared to acombined bid of 16,000 barrels in between their dual stream breweries.The Windsor brewery will take us to 25,000-30,000 barrels initially with the ability to grow organically as you similar to to do, explains co-owner Natalie Cilurzo. This will allow us more flexibility with taking upon the little brand brand brand brand new accounts as well as markets in California as well as providing more beer to the stream wholesalers as well as their customers.The brand brand brand brand new place will embody the larger brewpub with lots of outside seating, together with the pet-friendly area, the brand brand brand brand new food menu as well as free as well as plenty parking.The final straw in creation this preference was saying how incredibly bustling the brewpub has become. [Its] Uncomfortably bustling at times, explained Cilurzo. We dont love saying the prolonged lines out the doorway each weekend. And it is the bummer running in to aged business around town who just cant get in anymore. So nothing will shift at the Santa Rosa pub, alternative than you goal to relieve the little pressure as well as see the little of the aged business come back!The brand brand brand brand new Windsor place will chaperon in most alternative great features together with the tasting room for you to make discerning purchases to-go, guided as well as self-guided brewery tours as well as what owners call the real gift shop.Russian River Brewing Co. skeleton to mangle belligerent open 2017 with completion aimed for summer 2018.