Pure Order Brewing Co. Presents:

Lessons from the Brewmaster: James Burge on "How to Pour Bottled Beer"

In this second episode of our new series, Pure Order Brewing Co.'s Brewmaster James Burge shows us how to properly pour a beer out of a bottle. As James explains, "A lot of people think this is easy but it's really not." Here are the directions for pouring the perfect beer from a bottle every time and make sure to watch the video below and don't miss last week's "How to Pour Tap Beer".

How to Properly Pour Bottled Beer By James Burge:

1. Grab Your Bottle Opener and open beer

2. Take your beer and slowly pour the beer directly down into the bottom of the glass. Do not tilt to the side.

3. This takes a little longer but is definitely worth the time because you will be able to enjoy the beer without the extra bubbles and with a lot more flavor!