New Russian Imperial Stout at Pure Order Brewing Co.!

Specialty Small Batch "Sputnik" Stout Now at the Brewery

We recently released out new small batch specialty beer, a Russian Imperial Stout that we've named Sputnik. Beer lovers, meet Sputnik. Here are some of the beer facts:

ABV: 9.5% (alcohol by volume)

IBU: n/a (internal bitterness units)

Meet our newest brew, "Sputnik" a Russian Imperial Stout Boasting 9.5% ABV

Meet our newest brew, "Sputnik" a Russian Imperial Stout Boasting 9.5% ABV

How it got its name: Sputnik was the first artificial Earth satellite launched by Russia that was able to successfully broadcast back to Earth.

The Beer: This Russian Imperial Stout is unfiltered, while complimented by a nitro tap. Being unfiltered, it provides the fullest of flavors in rich malts, while the nitro tap gives this specialty a full body, and smooth milky head.

Using our 30 barrel fermenter, we have 15 kegs currently in stock to be on tap- limited supply. Last Friday 12/9/16 , we put the remaining (15 kegs) in port (wine) barrels, which will make the ABV of the beer rise the longer it sits. It is unknown how long we'll be letting them sit in the barrels before it's available- it's been rumored to be as long as a year, or as short as 3 months. Either way, you'll be able to personally check them out yourself in the middle of taproom.

Come on down to the brewery and try this speciality beer before it runs out! Don't forget to check out our Holiday Movie Nights, tomorrow we will have the Burger Bus from 5-8pm and a holiday film screening starting at 7pm. Happy Holidays!