Santa Barbara Breweries

If you're a fan of beer and you live in or will be visiting the Santa Barbara, California area, then you may be interested in discovering the best breweries in the area. Here is an overview of 5 popular breweries that you and your friends might enjoy visiting, where you can have a great deal of beer as well as fun:


418 North Salsipuedes Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

This brewery is perfect for purchasing beer to pair with your favorite meals, as creating beer that is specially made for drinking with certain cuisine is their specialty. Not only will you have the option of choosing from delicious flavors like California Ale, Bronze Metal Winner, White Ale and more, but you can also choose either bottled or tap choices. Telegraph Brewing Co. prides itself on its old-fashioned European brewing methods, which they feel is what makes their beer as unique as it is delicious.


501 State St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

If you’re looking for a brewery where you can enjoy wonderful tasting beer, along with perfectly paired meals and even wine, then this brewery is one that you must visit. You will have your pick of mouthwatering meals like gourmet burgers, pizza, tacos, and much more.


137 Anacapa St., Suite F

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

This brewery offers more than just delectably-brewed beer. You will have the option to support Figueoroa Mountain Brewing Co. by purchasing attractive gear containing their logo. When choosing your beer, you can pick from numerous uniquely-named choices like Paradise Road Pilsner, Weiss Weiss Baby, Zero to Sexy, and a great deal more.


229 Monticieto St.

Santa Barbara, CA

This is yet another Santa Barbara brewery that you might want to plan on visiting, especially if you’re looking for a full bar with live musicand other fun. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit alone, or with 25 other people, because large parties are welcome at The Brew House. Just some of the great tasting beer that is available at this particular brewery is: Rebel Red, Buster Brown, 10W30 Stout, Harry Porter, Nirvana Pale Ale, etc. You can also enjoy great tasting food along with your beer, such as steak bites, chicken strips, and so much more.


410 N. Quarantina St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

This brewery is last on the list of some of the most notable choices in the Santa Barbara area, but it is certainly not least in any way. Pure Order Brewing Company utilizes a special German brewing process, which is based on the use of hops, water, yeast and malt. The result is rich tasting beer that is like none other. You can choose Red Eye Wheat, Santa Barbara Pale Ale and much more. If you can't visit when this brewery is hosting one of its many special events, then their tasting room is open Thursday - Sunday, for your enjoyment.


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