Santa Barbara Newest Brewery

By David Burge

Santa Barbara’s newest brewery is right on the brink! Pure Order Brewing Company, located at 410 N. Quarantina Street in Santa Barbara’s “extended funk zone,” is just weeks away from starting their first brew in the new building and about a month from opening their doors to the public.  While Santa Barbara’s growing brew community is thirsting for a new local beer, no one seems more ready for the opening than the brewers themselves.


Brewmaster James Burge and his cousin David have had Pure Order on their minds for almost two years now.  As you might suspect, the two have run into a number of different problems.  Finding a location, for starters, took them about 18-months.

“We greatly overestimated the commercial real estate market in Santa Barbara,” James explains of their troubles. “There were far fewer locations available than we anticipated and those that were on the market were very competitive.”

When they finally did settle on the Quarantina location about 6-months ago, their location issue proved only the first of many bumps in the road.  Still, the two Burges stuck with it and are now closer than ever to realizing their dream of infusing a craft brewery into the surf and art cultures of Santa Barbara.

"Our hope is to craft a beer that is the embodiment of everything that makes our small little beach town and its lifestyle among the most desired in the world," explains David, Pure Order's head of sales and marketing.

Being that the name Pure Order is derived from an ancient German philosophy on brewing, it may seem a bit strange that the brewery hopes to design beers that capture the identity of Santa Barbara.  Reinheitsgebot, or "purity order," has been around since 1516 and maintains that a brewer can only use malt, hops, yeast and water in each recipe.  While the ways of ancient Germany and present day Santa Barbara seem worlds apart, James and David intend to bridge the gap by incorporating some more westernized flavors into their final product.

Brewmaster Santa Barbara