Pure Order Brewing Co. Presents

Pure Order Brewing Co. Presents: A Ride in Baby Blue

How We Deliver Beer: A Ride in the Pure Order Bus with Brewmaster James Burge

Have you seen Baby Blue cruising around town? Ever wonder what it was like to go on a beer delivery? Come cruise with the Pure Order Brewing Co. crew as we make deliveries and stop in at the local favorite, The Nugget in Summerland. As our very own James Burge, owner and brewmaster explains, "We have this custom 1977 Volkswagen transporter bus that we fully restored, painted it our nice Pure Order blue, have our little logo on the side and we putz around town delivering kegs and bottles to where they need to go." So come cruise with us with this behind the scenes video.

Check out more on our series "Pure Order Presents" & "Lessons from the Brewmaster" today and stop by the brewery today for a cold brew and a great atmosphere. We have newly extended open hours as well! We are now open Tuesday-Thursday 3-7pm, Friday-Saturday 12-9pm and Sundays 3-7pm. We have many events coming up this holiday season so check out our event calendar and if you are planning an event, consider having your event here at POBC! Contact events@pureorderbrewing.com to get started. Hope to see you soon Santa Barbara!