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Pure Order Brewing Co. Presents: A Ride in Baby Blue

How We Deliver Beer: A Ride in the Pure Order Bus with Brewmaster James Burge

Have you seen Baby Blue cruising around town? Ever wonder what it was like to go on a beer delivery? Come cruise with the Pure Order Brewing Co. crew as we make deliveries and stop in at the local favorite, The Nugget in Summerland. As our very own James Burge, owner and brewmaster explains, "We have this custom 1977 Volkswagen transporter bus that we fully restored, painted it our nice Pure Order blue, have our little logo on the side and we putz around town delivering kegs and bottles to where they need to go." So come cruise with us with this behind the scenes video.

Check out more on our series "Pure Order Presents" & "Lessons from the Brewmaster" today and stop by the brewery today for a cold brew and a great atmosphere. We have newly extended open hours as well! We are now open Tuesday-Thursday 3-7pm, Friday-Saturday 12-9pm and Sundays 3-7pm. We have many events coming up this holiday season so check out our event calendar and if you are planning an event, consider having your event here at POBC! Contact events@pureorderbrewing.com to get started. Hope to see you soon Santa Barbara!



Pure Order Saturdays with Killer Kaya, Kaptains BBQ & More

Killer Kaya Live, Kaptains BBQ and Pop Up Shop Featuring Local Designers

This past Saturday was one for the books. Here at Pure Order Brewing Co. we are honored to have three Veterans, Jared, Timothy and Tyler on our team. We kicked off the weekend celebrating Veterans Day with $4 pints and kept that going all weekend long. Many thanks to our vets and all veterans who have sacrificed so much to keep the rest of us safe and free.

Killer Kaya Live at Pure Order Brewing Co.

Killer Kaya Live at Pure Order Brewing Co.

Next up was an amazing Saturday filled with sunshine, cold brews, Kaptains BBQ, and  Killer Kaya playing live. There was an exciting pop up shop by Dahlia Vintage, Peace, Love, & Succulents, and so many more.  It was so fun to see some Pure Local designers and creators showcasing their amazing clothes and jewelry at the pop up shop.

Dahlia Vintage Sips a POBC Brew While Showcasing her pieces at the pop up shop

Dahlia Vintage Sips a POBC Brew While Showcasing her pieces at the pop up shop

The Kaptain himself grilling up all of our favorites!

The Kaptain himself grilling up all of our favorites!

 Kaptain's BBQ grilled up their delicious ribs, tri-tip sandwiches, mac n cheese and beans until closing time. We had a blast this Saturday enjoying our brews, BBQ, live music and local artisans. Thanks to everyone who hung out and celebrated with us!

Peace Love & Succulents showcasing some beautiful creations!

Peace Love & Succulents showcasing some beautiful creations!



Why Your Beer Has a Nice Frothy Head When Properly Poured

Why Your Beer Has a Nice Frothy Head When Properly Poured

Have you ever wondered why the head of the beer is a different color than the actual beer itself? What makes it stay stick to the glass and create what we call “lacing” on the cup as you guzzle down your delicious brew?  Why do some beers tend to have a nice frothy head all the way to the bottom of the glass while others dissipate rather quickly and pathetically?  Let’s explore what we do know about “beer head.”

Behind the Scenes at the 6th Annual Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival

On The Panel with Pure Order’s Brewmaster James Burge

This past weekend marked the 6th annual Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival, an event that showcased local and regional experts on the history, benefits and preparation of fermented foods. Not only was the festival a great way for people to taste different local beers with over 8 breweries, multiple bars and restaurants serving specialty drinks, high alcohol kombucha and shrub, it also helped raise money to support our local FoodBank of Santa Barbara County.

The festival, created by the mother/daughter duo Lynn Hartman and Katie Hershfelt, included samples of 75+ artisan fermented foods from 50+ exhibitors, and four stages featuring local and regional experts. Cultivate Events did an amazing job creating the perfect local food and farming ambience at the Rancho La Patera & Stow House venue. What made it even more special were the interactive hands-on activities and the Q&A panel featuring local brewmasters and fermented food curators.Event-goers had a lot of great options to try, which focused on unfiltered beers and natural fermentation.

Over at the Farm-to-Bar stage, Pure Order was more than excited to be a part of the“Cultivating Yeast: The Birth of Booze” panel with some very well respected brewers and shrub makers. It is always a blast for us to be around and to share the stage with Charles Williams of Broken Clock Vinegarworks, Patrick Ceriale of Telegraph Brewing Co. It was a big honor and we were proud to have our very own brewmaster James Burge up there.  James also enjoyed talking about the bread project with Nancy Oster because it was a great way for people to understand that not only can you use yeast to make our delicious beer but you can use the same yeast to make delicious breads as well.  We used several types of beer yeast to make a sourdough bread but found the Hefeweizen yeast was our favorite and gave the bread a great hefe flavor and chewy texture for our breads.

James was honored to be on the panel fielding questions on how we use yeast and how we care for it.  We also discussed how you at home can collect wild yeast. Placing some a water and flour mixture under a fruit tree for a night with a cheese cloth over it should do the trick!

For more lessons from the brewmaster James Burge, stay tuned for next week’s series featuring videos of the brewing process!


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