Crooked Neck Hefeweizen

Like most Santa Barbarans, we at Pure Order felt a deep connection with Gemina – the crooked neck giraffe that inhabited our beautiful zoo for close to 20 years. Our Hefeweizen, its name and its label are a tribute to that resilient animal who overcame a unique deformity to live a long and healthy life.  All the while teaching us the important life lesson: differences can be both accepted and celebrated.  The beer itself is a full flavored and refreshingly drinkable take on the South German style. We hope that the unique blend of banana and clove flavors will make this brew as recognizable within the Santa Barbara community as its namesake.

Starting Gravity: 1.048
Finishing Gravity: 1.012
International Bitterness Units (IBUs): 17.29
Alcohol by Volume: 4.72%