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Our Brewing Philosophy

Pure Order Brewery is confidently named and recognized through its philosophy in beer quality and production as well as its loyalty to its roots that are planted and flourishing in Santa Barbara CA. Though the brewery is located in the heart of Santa Barbara, Pure Order Brewery reaches to ancient German brewing recipes to create the purest and truest method of brewing for unprecedented and unmatched styles of beer. Pure order Brewing brings to life the spirit of pure beer to the shores of Santa Barbara through a practice and style of brewing called Reinheitsgebot, which means “purity law” in German. This style of brewing is 500 years old in practice and is still going strong through Pure Order Brewery. The method is simplicity at its finest consisting of hops, malt, yeast, and water. Pure Order Brewery brings the flavors of old Germany and the smoothness of Santa Barbara to its shores and the many local patrons. 

The Santa Barbara Pale Ale