The Brewery and Taproom

The taproom is made entirely from locally recycled Santa Barbara wood inside the 2,000 square foot warehouse. As you venture deeper into the building you will be exposed to the full operation, complete with a large walk-in fridge, a 15-barrel brewhouse, three 30-barrel fermenters and a 30-barrel brite tank. Adjacent to the taproom is the outdoor patio where you’ll find a bevy of entertainers, such as local musicians and food trucks serving up their finest to happy guests. The Burge’s noticed a demand for outdoor activities, so with a large plot of land and no more hops growing, it was a no brainer to ad league style bocce ball courts to the once hops garden. With some help from their local regulars in the summer of 16’ they built two Olympic style bocce ball courts and horseshoe pits to further entertain their beer drinking comrades. Onto the beer: the rich bodied, pale hoppy, and festive seasonal ales and lagers can be tasted in the taproom behind the custom built industrial style rolling doors. Pure Order brew’s can be found all throughout the Santa Barbara coast, extending themselves to the local patrons on shore and to the tourists from all over the world. Being that their beers are highly drinkable and revered by many, Pure Order has an edge that distinguishes their flavors from other breweries. Their quality and dedication to the Reinheitsgebot way is something that separates Pure Order Brewery from other breweries, but not to mention the local entertainment, variety of activities, and dedicated regulars that make it all worth it,. Located just two blocks away from the Santa Barbara shores. Off to the left you will find a quaint little boutique shop selling one-of-a-kind Pure Order merchandise, such as original Jimmy J. Hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and more fun knick-knacks. The brewery itself is tucked away in-between local  mom and pop shops who, like Pure Order, are well established in the Santa Barbara community. 

Brewery PHONE

(805) 966-2881


Pure Order Brewing
410 N. Quarantina St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Tues- Thurs:  3 - 7 pm
Fri:  12 - 9 pm
Sat:   12 - 9 pm
Sun:   12– 7 pm

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  • Exclusive access to our taproom, outdoor patio, use of all games, and shop discounts.
  • We have housed rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, birthday parties of all ages, wedding receptions, family reunions, and more!
  • Flexible Catering: you can bring in your own food, BBQ on site or call a food truck to park in the driveway and serve your guests.
  • We have games: Giant Jenga, Corn Hole, Bocce ball, Tiki Toss, and more!

At this location the Burge family believes that they can craft a beer and build a company that will infuse itself in the surf and art culture of Santa Barbara and become the embodiment of everything that makes this small little beach town, and its lifestyle, among the most desired in the world. While Dave and James supply only the most exemplary brews, so their crew reflects their product. What would Pure Order’s crew be without true Santa Barbara natives such as Isabel Campanelli, sales and marketing extraordinaire and Erika Pintard, Taproom Manager and long time friend to the Burge brothers. Next on board we have John Halter who is an ardent beer brewer himself. With a degree in microbiology and chemistry, John is James’ mad scientist in the beer lab and sometimes you’ll catch up sipping on a new concoction at the end of the bar. Next in line is Pure Orders delivery boy and taproom beertender Jared Swiggard, beer enthusiast and war veteran, Jared has been with the team for over a year. Next, you can find Justine Franco bartending alongside Jared, Erika, and the newest to the team, Audrey Diez, Tim Dykes, and another Santa Barbara native, Jeff Allen. With such a close nit group of beertenders and friends, it’s only natural that our loyal patrons feel like they’re apart of the crew themselves! We strive to create an environment with a warm friendly feel for our guests, that when after a hard days work, a pint with the Pure Order family feels like home. 

You can also find the crew around the coast traveling in their trusted baby blue dropping off keg deliveries. The delivery girl, Baby Blue, is Pure Orders vintage 1977 Volkswagen. Blue has been with the Burge family since the beginning when James stumbled upon her, written off with a pink slip in downtown LA. So with a tow-truck and open mind he welcomed Blue into the Burge family, reviving her with a new paint job, new tires, and a revved up engine. You may have seen her cruising around downtown Santa Barbara making deliveries at her favorite local bars, markets, and restaurant. When not making deliveries you can find Blue parked outfront, staking her claim right out front of the brewery doors, to be sure she's seen by the bystanders.


Our Brewing Philosophy

Pure Order Brewery is confidently named and recognized through its philosophy in beer quality and production as well as its loyalty to its roots that are planted and flourishing in Santa Barbara CA. Though the brewery is located in the heart of Santa Barbara, Pure Order Brewery reaches to ancient German brewing recipes to create the purest and truest method of brewing for unprecedented and unmatched styles of beer. Pure order Brewing brings to life the spirit of pure beer to the shores of Santa Barbara through a practice and style of brewing called Reinheitsgebot, which means “purity law” in German. This style of brewing is 500 years old in practice and is still going strong through Pure Order Brewery. The method is simplicity at its finest consisting of hops, malt, yeast, and water. Pure Order Brewery brings the flavors of old Germany and the smoothness of Santa Barbara to its shores and the many local patrons. 

Traditional Beers on Tap

Featuring Impressively large 20oz Imperial Pints

Buy and Fill Your Growler

Stop by to fill your Growler with delicious beer to go.

Stop by to fill your Growler with delicious beer to go.

The Location

Upon visiting the brewery guests will notice that everything about the taproom is authentic. You can see, on site of the brewery, that Pure Order is heavily steeped in its Santa Barbara roots. The team came across an old storage building with plenty of property near Downtown Santa Barbara. The crew works very hard to bring the best flavors and service, while keeping the cool and funky vibe that is so unique to Santa Barbara’s culture. Each staff member is highly knowledgeable and passionate about Pure Orders brews and are elated to expand their client's knowledge, palette, and love for beer. With a “mi casa es su casa” mentality at the brewery, all visitors are welcome to taste, ask questions, and enjoy the sunny patio and games to their hearts content. 

A Family Brewery

The Santa Barbara Pale Ale

Pure Order Brewery is deeply devoted to family and will remain to be a Burge family project. They strive to give back to their second family, the community of Santa Barbara, CA, which supports Pure Order in all that it has to offer. Each Burge is as lively and unique as their brews. The Burge family works diligently to invite their clients to be apart of the family project. The Burge’s family ethics are brought to the taproom through the hard work and drive instilled in the Burge’s to bring great bold flavors. James is, more or less, the driving force behind Pure Order Brewing Company. With the unconditional love and support of his wife Megan and their four children, James moved to Santa Barbara with dreams of rallying his brothers and cousins to build the craft brewery they had always dreamt about. David, sales extraordinaire and former Santa Barbara High was born in Santa Barbara and spent much of his life developing relationships throughout the community. Diana, native to San Marino, California, graduated from College of Charleston with a B.A. in Arts Management.  She is the younger sister of Pure Order’s Brewmaster, James Burge and cousin to Sales Executive, David Burge. Owners Dave and James will welcome you with open arms while on site you can gather a bevy of friends for some afternoon games and live music on their outdoor patio. This sort of exclusive and intimate hospitality is something James, Dave and the rest of the team love to share with their fellow beer enthusiasts from all over the world.

Santa Barbara generates a large crowd of tourists and the folks at Pure Order Brewery love nothing more than to share what they love most about Santa Barbara and include everyone in all that it has to offer. They love to give back to those who appreciate what they share, lending their outdoor patio  and taproom for those who are looking to create an event at their brewery. If you're from out of town, walking up and down the shore you will find perspective on what Santa Barbara is all about and see all it has to offer. Pure Order often host our own events at the brewery, as well as join in beer festivals and community events  in the surrounding area of Santa Barbara.

You can taste the purity on site in their taproom on 410 N. Quarantina Street in Santa Barbara, CA. Thursday and Friday from 3pm - 7pm as well as Saturday and Sunday from 12pm -7pm to taste some Santa Barbara enriched brews. Pure Order Brewing provides the fun and laid back atmosphere to host your next small or big private party.