Santa Barbara Pale Ale

An early version of the SBPA was the first beer the Pure Order team brewed together. It remains a cornerstone of our brewery and a shining example of our commitment to ancient traditions, to a quest for fresh new flavors and to our loyalty to the Santa Barbara community. Crafted in the spirit of the India Pale Ale, this brew complements the traditional hop heavy flavor with a uniquely light and bubbly finish. The label depicts a view of the over 140 year old Stearns Wharf from out in the Santa Barbara Channel. Being that our wharf is one of the longest lasting and most recognizable Santa Barbara monuments we thought it the best representation of what we anticipate to be one of our most popular and enduring brews.

Starting Gravity: 1.062
Finishing Gravity: 1.015
International Bitterness Units (IBUs): 80
Alcohol by Volume: 7.7%