Santa Barbara Wine Tasting

You have decided that you together with your friends will be going for a Santa Barbara Wine Tasting Tour, and you are looking forward to the day. To enjoy the tour here are some of the tips that would make your journey a success and give you a great wine tasting experience. Santa Barbara is becoming a popular place for wine tasting tours. Tourists enjoy unique wine tastes in Santa Barbara because of the variety of excellent wineries at the place. The Santa Maria and Santa Ynez Valleys have scenery of a gorgeous landscape and many different wineries offering diverse tastes of wines.

Santa Barbara scenery offers the perfect spot for family lunch picnic, and it has many tasting rooms for wine enthusiasts that give tourists the true experience of wine tasting tours. The Santa Barbara Wine Tasting Tour can cover a distance of over fifty miles from the northern tasting rooms to the southern tasting rooms. You need to plan for the driving time to enjoy and explore the depth and breathe of Santa Barbara County. You can also break your trip into different days by choosing one trail for a day and planning to the other trail some other day. Planning your trip in parts allows you to visit the variety of wineries in bits, which makes it an ideal day of Santa Barbara wine tasting.

Wine Tasting Food Options - Santa Barbara

It is important that you pack your food for the picnic because most of the wineries do not have food for purchasing. You can also buy food at the restaurants located in the fueling areas. Though you should consider serving food for your guests remember not to carry foods that will change the taste of the wines. Snacks and unflavored foods such as unsalted crackers and bread would be good for your Santa Barbara wine tasting tour. Carry plenty of water to help rinse the mouth between tasting of the wines. The water is also important because the guests might get thirsty and they might need to drink water instead of wine.

Wine Tasting Parties

Santa Barbara wine tasting parties offer a unique wine tasting experiences that cannot compare to the vineyard and restaurant wine tasting events. It is because in Santa Barbara you enjoy will enjoy a variety of wines that will cool your taste buds. Depending on the room you will be using, you should consider inviting a specific number of people that can fit the rooms. A crowded wine tasting event is intimidating, and guest might feel that they are being rushed when tasting the wines. When you have guests that can fit the rooms, each guest will enjoy the attention, and the event becomes more successful. Before beginning the journey, is it important that you check at the winery hours because not all wineries open every day. Moreover, some wineries require that you make reservations for big parties.

Wine Decanting

Decanting is one of the things that wine enthusiasts like doing at the Santa Barbara wine tasting events. Decanting is a process where you let the wine breathe for some time before serving it. The essence of decanting is to relax the flavor and make the taste smoother. You should note that decanting is not for all wines. Some wines need to be drunk immediately after corking off the bottle. The best way to know if your bottle of wine needs decanting is by tasting the wine when you open the bottle.

Blind Tasting

The other wine tasting technique that is common with Santa Barbara wine tasting enthusiasts is the blind tasting. Serving your guests when they are blindfolded gives the tasters a distinctive experience. The guests will not know the type of wine served, but will be required to determine it by tasting. Blind tasting allows for an honest verdict of the wines because tasters use factors such as color, price, and reputation of the wine company to make judgments. People naturally have expectations of wines when they are aware of these considerations. The expectation is that when the wine is expensive it should meet certain expectations. Blind tasting helps eliminate the expectations and allow wine tasting analysis to proceed with accurate wine scores.

There are different ways you can approach your Santa Barbara wine tasting party. The essence of the party is to have fun and get an idea of the winery composition and style. Going for Santa Barbara wine tasting tour not only gives you the opportunity of tasting different blends of wines, but it also has a landscape and scenery that offers a perfect destination for family and wine gateways.


Pure Order Brewing Company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.  It’s location serves as the main brewery and also hosts a tasting room with a side patio overlooking the hop yard.


410 N. Quarantina St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Friday: 3 PM – 7 PM

Saturday-Sunday: Noon – 7 PM