About Pure Order Brewing Company


The Team


Some Background

First and foremost, Pure Order Brewing Company is and always will be a Burge family project rooted deeply in the community and lifestyle of Santa Barbara, CA. Each Burge was raised to be hard working, driven and to, most of all, put family first. These qualities are the pillars of the brewery and will be the driving force behind any and all future success.  As time progresses, we hope that Pure Order will become an extended family of Pure Local employees, customers, suppliers and artisans. With this in mind, here is our story…

After more than 10 years of brewing beers and far too long in the conventional workforce, brewmaster James Burge decided it was time to take the leap and open up his own shop. His first move was to settle on a name and central brew style. The name Pure Order comes from the German Rheinheitsgebot (literal translation, Purity Order) of 1516 which states that only four ingredients –malt, hops, yeast and water- can be used in the brewing of beer. From the get go James has sought to combine this ancient tradition with more westernized flavors to create unique, full flavored and drinkable brews.

Next, James needed to find his partners. In true Burge fashion he turned to family and convinced his brother Bucky and father Steve to hop on board. Together the three Burge boys put the wheels in motion and James was well on his way to realizing his dream. The only obstacle left was finding a location.

Being that Santa Barbara courses through the Burge veins, setting up shop in the 805 was an easy call. Once that was decided, it became obvious that they would have to bring on a local whose knowledge of the market would complement James’ brewing experience. For this they turned to David, another Burge, whose passion for beer is matched only by his passion for SB.

Finally, after over a year and a half of searching, the team came across an old storage building with plenty of property near Downtown Santa Barbara. At this location the Burge family believes that they can craft a beer and build a company that will infuse itself in the surf and art culture of Santa Barbara and become the embodiment of everything that makes this small little beach town, and its lifestyle, among the most desired in the world.


A Family Brewery

Pure Order Brewery is deeply devoted to family and will remain to be a Burge family project. They strive to give back to their second family, the community of Santa Barbara, CA, which supports Pure Order in all that it has to offer. Each Burge is as lively and unique as their brews. The Burge family works diligently to invite their clients to be apart of the family project. The Burge’s family ethics are brought to the taproom through the hard work and drive instilled in the Burge’s to bring great bold flavors. James is, more or less, the driving force behind Pure Order Brewing Company. With the unconditional love and support of his wife Megan and their four children, James moved to Santa Barbara with dreams of rallying his brothers and cousins to build the craft brewery they had always dreamt about. David, sales extraordinaire and former Santa Barbara High was born in Santa Barbara and spent much of his life developing relationships throughout the community. Diana, native to San Marino, California, graduated from College of Charleston with a B.A. in Arts Management.  She is the younger sister of Pure Order’s Brewmaster, James Burge and cousin to Sales Executive, David Burge. Owners Dave and James will welcome you with open arms while on site you can gather a bevy of friends for some afternoon games and live music on their outdoor patio. This sort of exclusive and intimate hospitality is something James, Dave and the rest of the team love to share with their fellow beer enthusiasts from all over the world.

Santa Barbara generates a large crowd of tourists and the folks at Pure Order Brewery love nothing more than to share what they love most about Santa Barbara and include everyone in all that it has to offer. They love to give back to those who appreciate what they share, lending their outdoor patio  and taproom for those who are looking to create an event at their brewery. If you're from out of town, walking up and down the shore you will find perspective on what Santa Barbara is all about and see all it has to offer. Pure Order often host our own events at the brewery, as well as join in beer festivals and community events  in the surrounding area of Santa Barbara.